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Hello! Welcome to MERIT INDIA! Medical Education Research Innovation Team India. We aim to impart knowledge regarding medical education, medical research and related fields for budding researchers and blooming medical students. We hope to reduce the inherent anxiety caused by statistical analysis and want to empower the students so that they gain the ability to conduct medical research confidently and efficiently. The scary and unknown world of medical science always holds surprises and stressful situations for the newbies and often tends to deter them from flying high. We feel a strong urge to educate these students to be able to handle any situation that is thrown their way and achieve immeasurable success in all aspects of their lives. We hope to bestow our understanding to them and train them, so that they can apply their knowledge in real life situations.
By the end of this course, they should be situationally aware and capable of handling all stressful and difficult tasks with efficiency. They will exit the course with a plethora of knowledge about medical research and science and gain the confidence and empowerment to survive and succeed in their individual career paths. Thank You for giving us your time and effort and undertaking our course!

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National level meeting at Delhi AIIMS, April 2022 on

Identifying a Research and Advocacy Roadmap for Prevention and Control of Influenza and other  respiratory viruses in India.

Organized by AIIMS, New Delhi, in collaboration with Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and United States’ Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


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