5th Basic Data Analysis Using JAMOVI Software

Enhance your data analysis skills with JAMOVI software

Language: English, Hindi

Instructors: Dr Pragya Kumar, Professor, AIIMS Patna

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Session Plan


Dec 29th, Fri 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Basic Navigation of JAMOVI and Descriptive Data Analysis


Dec 29th, Friday 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Tests of Association and Correlation


Dec 30th, Sat 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Tests of Mean/Median Comparison

Why this Workshop? 

Research is inevitable for the development & delivery of the best services in any sector. Healthcare is not an exception. Unlike the olden days, now we have better tools to collect, store, share, and analyze data, better hospital information system (HIS) & widespread digitalization due to which the quality along with size of data has been scaled up. Health data analytics allows for better patient care, faster and more accurate diagnoses, preventive measures, more individualized treatment, and more informed decision-making. With the increase of electronic record keeping, applications, and other electronic means of data collection and storage, there is a significant amount of data being collected in real-time. On other hand, many healthcare professionals especially clinicians lack adequate skills about data & data analysis which makes them research handicapped. As an Institute of National Importance (INI), AIIMS Patna has always been an efficient partner in sensitizing healthcare professionals about data analysis so that they can contribute to research. Hence, this workshop is specially designed to help our fellow colleagues to get rid of statistical anxiety & excel in the research field.



The jamovi project was founded to develop a free and open statistical platform which is intuitive to use, and can provide the latest developments in statistical methodology. At the core of the jamovi philosophy, is that scientific software should be “community driven”, where anyone can develop and publish analyses, and make them available to a wide audience.

Download JAMOVI (2.2.5 Solid Version)

Overall Aim

“To curtail the statistical anxiety & enhance the competencies of health professionals on data analysis”

About the Resource Person

Dr. Pragya Kumar is Additional Professor in the Department of Community & Family Medicine (CFM), AIIMS Patna. She is the full-time faculty in the department & nodal in charge of the Research Methodology Foundation Course (RMFC). She doesn't need any introduction in the field of data analysis. She has organized many workshops on basic & advanced data analysis (both SPSS + JAMOVI), and qualitative & quantitative research methodology. Other than biostatistics her interests include medical education, Research methods, epidemiology and HIV.

Why CFM, AIIMS Patna?

Department of Community & Family Medicine of AIIMS Patna have successfully organized many workshops on basic + advanced data analysis in both online & offline mode. Workshops on Qualitative Research, Questionnaire Development & Validation add to the list. A bunch of enthusiastic & vibrant faculties make the department more efficient to build data analysis skill not only in healthcare professionals, but also in other stream people interested in research. Our primary motto is to provide as much as hands on possible.

Specific learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

·Understand basic concepts of data.

· Able to perform & interpret basic data analysis with JAMOVI software.

· Able to perform & interpret Binomial Logistic Regression analysis with JAMOVI software.

Software Used


Mode of Workshop

Online on Zoom Platform

Who should Apply? 

This workshop is only for “Healthcare Professionals” – Doctors, Nursing Staffs, PG Residents & others related to health & healthcare. 

Frequently asked questions

I want to cancel my registration. What to do?

You will get a full return (deducting minimum convenient charges by razor pay gateway). Suppose you plan to do so 3 days before the start of the workshop. Send us a request email at support@meritindia.org 

I could not attend any session. What to do?

You can send a request for joining the next workshop. Send us a request email at support@meritindia.org.

Can someone else join on my behalf?

It is unfortunate that you are unable to attend the workshop despite having registered. But we are overjoyed that your resolve overshadowed your circumstances! We have no issues with someone else joining in your stead!

I want to join but seats are full. What do do?

We appreciate your desire to learn about Basic Data Analysis, but we are extremely apologetic that we cannot include you in this session because all seats are full. Participants like you, who are enthusiastic about learning, are the driving force for our perseverance. We appreciate and cherish you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to seeing you in the next session! Stay connected.


Dr Naveen Suthar


MD (CFM, AIIMS Patna, 2nd Year)

Contact: 7976745486


This online workshop provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform basic data analysis using JAMOVI software. JAMOVI is a user-friendly statistical software that allows users to analyze data, generate descriptive statistics, and perform various statistical tests.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the fundamentals of data analysis
  • Hands-on experience with JAMOVI software
  • Understand how to interpret and present analysis results

What you will learn:

  • Learning Outcome 1
    Develop a solid understanding of basic data analysis concepts and techniques
  • Learning Outcome 2
    Acquire practical skills in using JAMOVI software for data analysis
  • Learning Outcome 3
    Learn how to interpret and report analysis results effectively

Course Curriculum



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