Questionnaire validation is a process in which the questionnaire's authors examine the questionnaire to see if it measures what it was supposed to measure. If the validation of a questionnaire is successful, the researchers identify the questionnaire as valid.

Learning objective

This workshop will provide guidelines for the creation and translation of questionnaires for use in medical settings. We present a structure for researchers to follow as they go through the various stages of questionnaire development and translation. We give a number of statistical approaches for assessing the questionnaires' reliability and validity to verify that they are psychometrically sound.

who can join

All Health Professionals, which includes Doctors, Faculties, Nursing Officers, Residents, Research Scholars, Students (Dental /Medical/ /Nursing/Paramedical).

Workshop Schedule


Item Development & Content Validation


Construct Validation


Reliability Assessment

Session Plan



3.Quick Review




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Dr Naveen K G

MBBS (F H Medical College, Agra)

MD (CFM, AIIMS Patna, 2nd Year)

Contact: +91-9444768412

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