Day 1

Basic concepts of data management

Introduction to JAMOVI interface

Descriptive Analysis

Day 2


Chi Square Test of Association

Day 2

Independent Sample t test

Mann whitney U test

Day 4

Paired Sample t test

Wilcoxon Sign test

Day 5

One way Anova

Kruskal Wallis test

Each session will be followed by 30 minutes breakout room activity. Participants have to run the analysis on given data set . Mentors will assist them in this process. This is a mandatory exercise for this workshop.


The jamovi project was founded to develop a free and open statistical platform which is intuitive to use, and can provide the latest developments in statistical methodology. At the core of the jamovi philosophy, is that scientific software should be “community driven”, where anyone can develop and publish analyses, and make them available to a wide audience.

Download JAMOVI (2.2.5 Solid Version)

Learning objective

Learning basic statistical analysis is the most essential skill required for initiating any small or large scale research project. It instills fear among novice learners and consumes both their time and energy significantly. But there are means and ways to save energy and work smart. JAMOVI has those features. At the end of the workshop you will have the ability to run,tabulate,interpret and write a report for Descriptive Statistics, Comparing Proportions and Comparing Means/Medians.

who can join

All Health Professionals, which includes Doctors, Faculties, Nursing Officers, Residents, Research Scholars, Students (Dental /Medical/ /Nursing/Paramedical).

Frequently asked questions

I want to cancel my registration. What to do?

You will get a full return (deducting minimum convenient charges by razor pay gateway). Suppose you plan to do so within 24 hours before the start of the workshop. Send us a request email at 

I could not attend any session. What to do?

You can send a request for a partial refund or join the next workshop. Send us a request email at

Can someone else join on my behalf?

It is unfortunate that you are unable to attend the workshop despite having registered. But we are overjoyed that your resolve overshadowed your circumstances! We have no issues with someone else joining in your stead!

I want to join but seats are full. What do do?

We appreciate your desire to learn about Basic Data Analysis, but we are extremely apologetic that we cannot include you in this session because all seats are full. Participants like you, who are enthusiastic about learning, are the driving force for our perseverance. We appreciate and cherish you from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to seeing you in the next session! Stay connected.


Dr Basavaraj Shankar Yankannavar

MBBS (Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences)

MD (CFM, AIIMS Patna, 1st Year)

Contact: +91 98809 55353

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