1st Online ROC Analysis Hands-On Workshop Using JAMOVI

Language: English

Instructors: Dr Pragya Kumar, Additional Professor, AIIMS Patna

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Mastering ROC Analysis: A Comprehensive Workshop on Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves and Their Applications of Data

One-Day Online Workshop for Health Professionals

Join our workshop to demystify ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) analysis! ROC curves are a special tool that helps you understand how well a test or model can tell things apart, like identifying diseases or predicting outcomes. We'll show you how to read ROC curves like a pro, find the best balance between getting things right and avoiding mistakes, and use this knowledge in fields like healthcare, data science, and decision-making. Get ready to boost your data analysis skills and make more accurate choices with ROC analysis! 

Learning objective

1. Understanding ROC Fundamentals:
2. ROC Curve Construction:
3. AUC Calculation:
4. Threshold Selection :
5. Comparing Models:
6. Real-world Applications:
7. Interpreting ROC Results:
who can join?

All Health Professionals, which includes Doctors, Faculties, Nursing Officers, Residents, Research Scholars, Students (Dental /Medical/ /Nursing/Paramedical).

You will get session recording, PPT, Reading Materials, Dataset and e-certificate (on submission of assignment)

Frequently asked questions

I want to cancel my registration. What to do?

You will get a full return (after deducting the minimum convenient charges by Graphy payment gateway). Send us a request email at support@meritindia.org 

I could not attend any sessions. What to do?

You can  join the next workshop. Send us a request email at support@meritindia.org.

Can someone else join on my behalf?

It is unfortunate that you are unable to attend the workshop despite having registered. But we are overjoyed that your resolve overshadowed your circumstances! We have no issues with someone else joining in your stead!

GET IN TOUCH for any query

Dr Naveen K G ,

Junior Resident, AIIMS Patna

Contact: +91-9444768412

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