Medical Consultation models in Healthcare 

A guide to deliver righteous comprehensive care

Why do we Need Consultation Models?

"Patient is a Human being with emotions and some expectations"

We typically have just 10 minutes during a consultation, and main challenge is t
o make sense of the patient’s story in medical terms and allowing the patient to tell their problems in their own language.

A Good Consultation Model helps in achieving good Doctor-Patient communication and delivering righteous Comprehensive Care by addressing patient issues in a Holistic way.

Objectives of Consultation 

•Finding out the exact reason of presentation of patient.
•Achieving a good therapeutic outcome
•Adequate advise to patient.
•Developing strong Doctor-patient relationship.

Patient Centered Model

Stott and Davis Model (1979)

Inner Consultation Model


•Good for acute problems.
•Recognises importance of doctor looking after themselves.
Empowers patient.


•Struggle with the limited time available.
•‘Connecting’ part of the model should not  just be at the start.

Calgary Cambridge Model

(1) Initiating the Session 

(2) Gathering Information 

 a) Biomedical perspective (CLINICAL) 

 b) The patient’s perspective (INDIVIDUAL) 

c) Background information -(CONTEXTUAL) 

(3) Building the Relationship

(4) Providing structure 

(5) Explanation and planning 

(6) Closing the Session

How to use consultation models in Healthcare Settings

“Do to others what you want them to do to you”

"The first service that one owes to others consists of listening to them"

"Mixing and matching of consultation Models"

Dr Mohit Bhardwaj 
Post Graduate Resident

Department of Community & Family Medicine

 AIIMS Patna

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